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2021 is the year to own some amazing wholesale sterling silver jewelry. This is the perfect time to shop for some nice silver jewelry. Now, you must be wondering why you should do that. It’s because there are new trends and designs that you might not own yet. From those classy vintage pieces to the futuristic chunky items, your current jewelry should be replaced with these. If you’re completely blank about what to look for and add to your jewelry collection, then keep on reading ahead. Here you’ll find 7 must-have wholesale sterling silver jewelry items to own in 2021.

It’s high time you switch to wholesale sterling silver jewelry:

We know that you still must be wondering why we asked you to upgrade your jewelry collection in the beginning. It’s not that you should throw away the old jewelry items. Just to add in a few more items would keep you all ready and set to style up in 2021. From the following wholesale sterling silver items, choose what you love the most and pair up perfectly with your outfits.


wholesale sterling silver


  • Vintage wholesale sterling silver jewelry:


Let’s begin with our first option that is vintage wholesale jewelry. Anything vintage is extremely valuable. This is why we suggest at least own an item or two from the vintage sterling silver collection. You may go for vintage earrings in loop style with beautiful designs. Try pairing them up with a vintage bracelet with charms to complete the look. If you want to keep things minimal, then a simple vintage statement necklace and a ring would also do fine. For 2021, make sure that you wear vintage jewelry on multiple occasions, as these are going to be trending for a while.

  • Sterling silver handmade jewelry:


Next is handmade wholesale sterling silver jewelry. Handmade jewelry has its charm. This is why we suggest you go for this option too. It is delicate, pretty, and perfect for everyday wear. Just make sure that you take good care of these items as they’re made with effort and hard work. We’re sure you wouldn’t want it to get ruined before 2021 ends as you’ll be wearing it a lot.

You can also go for custom-made items. Check different jewelry stores that offer custom handmade jewelry and get yourself a unique piece. This can be a great idea if you’re looking for a couple’s wear or your family members. You can surprise them on their birthday, anniversary, or even any special occasion, like Valentine’s Day.

wholesale sterling silver

  • Futuristic chunky sterling silver items:


While 2021 is going to favor vintage sterling silver, it is also going to favor futuristic chunky jewelry items too. This is still trending in 2020 and will carry on in the upcoming year as well. You don’t necessarily need to stock up in bulk with this option. One chunky bracelet, necklace, or a pair of earrings would just do fine. wholesale sterling silver Try going for silver items mainly to get that futuristic modern touch in your daily look. These would look just fine on a long skirt or dress or a blazer paired up with denim skinny jeans. You can easily find them available at any jewelry store, but make sure they’re of really good quality. The better the quality, the longer these chunky items would last.

  • Plain (Basic) sterling silver jewelry:


If you don’t own a basic sterling silver jewelry item yet, then it’s time you should.2021 is all going to be about plain and basic sterling silver jewelry. You can go for long silver chains with a coin or plain sets of silver bracelets. wholesale jewelry These are surely going to lift your outfits and make you look simple, yet charmed up. If you don’t prefer too basic jewelry, then you can add in initials of your name, like the first letter. Likewise, you can go for spiritual symbols, or even animals if you are obsessed with them! This is what’s so amazing about wholesale sterling silver jewelry. You get to have a whole lot of variety to wear and rock every day.

  • Wholesale silver marcasite jewelry:


If you haven’t seen marcasite jewelry in your life ever, then you should stop everything and google images of this beautiful jewelry type. Silver marcasite jewelry is to die for. The beauty of these stones embedded on sterling silver jewelry is just worth it. You can shop for some fancy floral-shaped rings filled with marcasite stones all over them. We assure you that you will not regret going for this option. They look sleek and stylish with every dress type and you won’t feel bad about them at all.

  • Designer’s wholesale sterling silver:


If you want a good investment that lasts longer, then go for a designer’s wholesale sterling silver jewelry. Many high-end brands launch some amazing jewelry collections that they showcase on their runway shows every season. You can visit different jewelry stores and ask them to show their sterling silver collection. To have a better experience, you can visit stores by yourself too. If not, then you can always check their websites to see what new in-store is.

  • Sterling silver with big gemstones:


The last option to go for is sterling silver with gemstones. Gemstones complete any form of jewelry, and they look the most flattering with sterling silver. You can add in a few gemstone items in your jewelry collection to wear next year. Make sure to get some pretty colors in gemstones that blend with your outfit well.

Final Verdict:

So, now we are at the end of this discussion about these 7 great options of silver jewelry. We hope that you are now convinced to buy some nice wholesale sterling silver jewelry for yourself. Don’t forget to share it with your besties and let them have a look at this too. Together you and your friends can wear the same sterling silver items and have a nice year ahead.