How to take care of the wholesale silver rings?

wholesale silver rings

Have you ever seen a wholesale silver ring that keeps on shinning and remains sparkling even after years? No, that’s not possible until you take good care of your wholesale silver rings. Silver jewelry is durable, beautiful, and versatile at the same time, allowing you to wear it every day. But to keep it radiant and shining as new pieces, you need to keep them clean and take ultimate care of the pieces you invest in. Move further to check out the stunning tips to care for and maintain the precious wholesale silver rings for several years. 

Guidance take care of the wholesale silver rings


wholesale silver rings


  • Daily care:

Daily care of the silver rings is essential, which includes removing them before you take a shower or start indulging in household chores. Prevent any exposure of silver jewelry to ammonia, alcohol, nail polish removers that have acetone or bleach turpentine. Such substances can alter the nature of metal alloys and hence leave your wholesale silver rings to turn dull or erode the surface of the stones or gems embedded in the rings. 

Taking good care of silver jewelry should be your daily habit. Wear it after performing all your makeup and doing household chores. Avoid wearing it during makeup or the application of lotions or any other personal care. Once you return home, silver rings should be the first thing that you take off to prevent them from getting exposed to chemicals or snagged on your clothing while you undress. 

Dry silver is surely the happiest silver, so prevent it against any kind of water. Pure water does not harm the silver jewelry, but the water that we use in our daily lives is full of chemicals. For instance, swimming pools and hot tubs have high amounts of chlorine. Hot springs, on the other hand, have excess amounts of Sulphur. So, it’s best to remove the jewelry before you put your hands in water, as it will surely turn your sterling pieces into dull-looking ones. 


wholesale silver rings

  • Cleaning and maintenance:

With all our things, we know that minimal dirt and tarnish can be removed easily, so the same goes with wholesale rings. If you allow your silver ring to tarnish and grow dark, then it might damage the metal alloys in your silver jewelry. Don’t forget to clean them regularly, as the longer you take, the harder it becomes to restore the original shine of the silver pieces. It’s essential to clean the silver jewelry thoroughly and polish them periodically and regularly place them in an airtight bag to prevent the tarnish rate. 


wholesale silver rings

  • Cleaning equipment:

For cleaning wholesale silver rings, you need a special silver polishing fabric, or you can use the soft cotton cloth as they work well for light cleaning of silver pieces. It’s best to avoid leaving scratches or black marks. You can also get your hands on an old toothbrush to deeply clean the wholesale silver rings and keep your sterling pieces neat and clean by using an ideal, soft brush. 

  • Storage:

Properly storing the silver rings is essential. Be sure to clean the wholesale silver rings thoroughly before you store them. Every silver jewelry comes with instructions on how you can keep them properly, so you need to follow the instructions thoroughly. Avoid storing silver jewelry, including rings, over wood surfaces, as the wood has acids that might undo the finish from your wholesale silver rings. Moreover, avoid placing silver jewelry over a paper or within the cardboard box as they have compounds that result in sulfur leeching, which speeds up the rate of oxidation. 

Air exposure can wreak havoc on silver jewelry and tarnish them. Don’t ever leave them lying on your tables or an open jewelry box. Never leave them in a drawer or purse. Plus, opt for the airtight bags, which are appropriately sealed and come with anti-tarnish properties. Keep the brilliance and shine intact with such storage tips. 


Unhook and unclasp the jewelry pieces to prevent any scratches. Do not place a bunch of pieces together in the same bag or place as it saves your time and space, but it can lead to scratches, tarnish, or tangling of the silver jewelry. For additional prevention tips, wholesale sterling silver you can get silica gel packets, which offer tarnish protection properties. This provides extra care for your expensive silver jewelry pieces.  

  • Professional cleaning:

If you are unable to maintain and clean the silver jewelry pieces, yourself. Contact the professional and get rid of persistent dirt spots, tarnish, or dark marks. They can help you with expert cleaning using high-pressure steam. You can also consider talking to a professional if your stones, gems, or diamonds are loose. Contact your jewelry supplier now to get help in the professional cleaning of your favorite pieces. 

  • know your silver jewelry:

The rule of thumb to identify that your jewelry is real is to know the digits. If it has ratings showing .950, then you need to perform regular polishing. If the jewelry has a rating showing .925, then the ring is sturdy, and you don’t need much cleaning. You need to perform less work if your jewelry pieces have .925 stamped on them. Knowing all about the digits stamped on silver jewelry is essential before you invest in this precious metal. 

Final Verdict:

Are you already obsessed with sterling wholesale silver rings? Bring back the brilliant shine and incredible look of your silver jewelry pieces with these expert professional tips, and enjoy wearing your timeless, trending pieces. Flaunt your accessories now at an event by regularly cleaning them. Proper maintenance and care of fine jewelry are essential so maintain the perfect shine of your favorite pieces. You have spent money on these beautiful jewelry items and it would be wise to take some care and keep them as good as new.