Is The Sterling Silver 925 Jewelry Difficult To Clean?

sterling silver 925 jewelry


Sterling Silver 925 is a synthetic ore of 92.5% silver (Ag) and 7.5% Copper (Cu). Sterling Silver 925 jewelry is one of the most admired pieces of jewelry but many people do not opt for it as it gets tarnished or blackened after some time (if not cared for properly.) Wearing jewelry for women has been the signifier of different things from time to time. Some of the main signifiers among them are showcasing femininity, regional culture, elegance, and sometimes adorning their dress as well.

Cause of Tarnish:

Sterling silver 925 is more likely to tarnish because it is not 100% pure. The proportion of copper in it mainly causes it to tarnish. Whenever sterling silver is exposed, the oxygen, moisture, and sulfur molecules from the environment react with that copper making the sterling silver 925 tarnish with time.

sterling silver 925 jewelry

Caring of Sterling Silver 925:

Well cared for your sterling silver 925 can give many years of aesthetic and beautiful personality booster moments. These sterling silver ornaments can also become your heirlooms only if well cared for and not misused. As a famous quote says, “Prevention is better than cure”, so it is better to care for your silver ornaments instead of waiting for them to get dirty or tarnished hard, and then you have to get them cleaned.

Why Cleaning is Important:

No one deserves to wear blackened or tarnished jewelry. So cleaning Sterling silver 925 jewelry items on regular basis is very important. Sterling silver jewelry gets dull or tarnished with time if not well cared for or more exposed in an environment with sulfur and humidity. If one cleans the jewelry items regularly, they won’t be heavily tarnished. Otherwise, heavily tarnished sterling silver 925 jewelry items can be damaged to a greater extent and won’t be cleaned without the help of a professional. This will cost high and more time-consuming.

sterling silver 925 jewelry

Preventive Measures to avoid blackening:

No doubt, cleaning sterling silver 925 is extremely important but if you opt for the preventive measures, you can enjoy the aesthetic luster and joy of wearing shiny silver for a long time. Avoid the exposure of sterling silver 925 to moist environments, deodorants, skin moisturizers, direct sunlight, and most importantly substances containing sulfur. These preventive measures can make your cleaning more simple and less tedious.

Cleaning of Sterling Silver 925:

No, sterling silver 925 is NOT difficult to clean at all. Despite caring, if the jewelry gets black, dull, or tarnished, there are many hacks to clean them well. These hacks are not only economical but also less time-consuming. You can apply these hacks easily at the domestic level to clean your sterling silver 925 jewelry in no time without any professional assistance. That is why I do not find sterling silver 925 difficult to clean. I am going to enlist a few easy and environment-friendly homemade hacks for cleaning below:

Polishing :

Polishing is one of the most effective ways for cleaning sterling silver 925 jewelry’s minor blackening and tarnish. Apply polish on a soft microfiber cloth and move back and forth slightly upon your silver jewelry. Make sure to use the nonabrasive cloth piece for polishing to avoid scratches on your sterling silver 925 jewelry. This technique helps in reducing the dullness and also in cleaning oxidized silver off the jewelry.

Using soap & water :

In case polishing jewelry does not work; use the mixture of warm water and phosphate-free dishwashing soap to clean the sterling silver 925 Jewelry. Make sure to dry your jewelry thoroughly after washing to prevent re-tarnishing from moisture.

Cleaning through Baking Soda and Water :

Make a thin paste of baking soda in water. For cleaning, apply this paste to your sterling silver 925 jewelry with a soft piece of cloth or brush. Now wash the jewelry with warm water. Make sure to dry the ornaments thoroughly with some nonabrasive, soft, and clean piece of cloth after washing.

sterling silver 925 jewelry

Homemade Silver Cleaner :

The homemade silver cleaner is one of the most effective and old hacks used for cleaning the sterling silver 925 jewelry. To prepare this cleaner, take ½ cup of lemon juice and add 1 tablespoon of olive oil to it. Now take a non-abrasive clean cloth, dip this cloth into that cleaner solution and apply it onto the jewelry items. This homemade silver cleaner will fade the blackness, dirt, and tarnish off your silver jewelry.

Cleaning through silver soaking :

Make a solution with ½ cup of vinegar, 2 tablespoons of baking soda in the bowl of warm water. Now soak your sterling silver 925 jewelry items in that bowl for 2-3 hours. All the dirt and tarnish will diminish from your silver and dissolve in that water bowl. Now take your jewelry out of the bowl and dry it properly.

Final verdict:

All these above-mentioned home remedies will maximum take 10-15 minutes in cleaning and ultimately save one from the hassle of visiting some professional jeweler or consuming more time and money. So, fortunately by the virtue of these simple homemade hacks, cleaning silver is not a tedious job anymore. So you see that cleaning of sterling silver 925 jewelry is not difficult at all but yes! It needs time to time cleaning.

So, some women may find it difficult to manage time after regular intervals for cleaning their sterling silver 925 jewelry items. But of course, the women wearing silver frequently or having an elite sense of carrying the sterling silver 925 jewelry for adorning their outfits and boosting their significance of femininity are very conscious about it. They do not like to wear even slightly blackened or tarnished silver. So they prefer to clean their sterling silver 925 jewelry items regularly and do not find the cleaning difficult.

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Having a fine collection of sterling silver 925 jewelry gives you aesthetic vibes unless you face problems in cleaning that jewelry after some time. If you have sterling silver 925 jewelry and you think its cleaning is a hard nut to crack, go through this article to have a clear idea that is the sterling silver 925 jewelry difficult to clean?

sterling silver 925 jewelry

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