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Your anniversary is here and you are out of ideas about what gifts to give to your loved one? It is often very confusing when you have to pick out a piece of sterling silver jewelry. Either you have given almost every piece of jewelry item that exists or you are trying to find something new. Whenever you go to a local market that is nearby or some online shop, you need to make sure that you are buying high-quality jewelry.

If it is not a high-quality one then the jewelry is of no use. It doesn’t matter how long you have been married. Anniversaries are a special day for two people and you must celebrate them together with love. Here are some good suggestions of what you can buy for your loved one to gift it on an anniversary. It is for both men and women.

sterling silver


  • Earrings

The good thing about earrings is that you can play around with the different styles and designs. It can be in different variety of designs. They can go from dangling tassels to studs. What a woman can say no to is diamonds. So first, you need to know what your women like and want to wear. Observe her styling of earrings with different outfits and you’ll know what to get her. Second, go to some good shop after research that has good pieces of sterling silver jewelry.


While if your man has a piercing then you can even give him a piece of wholesale sterling silver jewelry earring piece. It is most commonly only for one ear for men. But there is no such rule that you have to just one you can even buy 2 different types of earrings that he would like. But what if your man does have a piercing and still likes to wear earrings? Don’t worry we have a solution to that too. There are very beautiful clip earrings that you can buy in different designs. They look pretty too. It will be kind of a surprise to your husband and it will be something different from other gifts.



sterling silver


  • Necklaces

Necklaces are a gift that can be modified and personalized before gifting. You can play around with different pendants and also can try different types of chains. You can buy a pendant that is 3D rectangular in shape with initials, dates, or even names on it. It is very trendy nowadays. This type of sterling silver jewelry looks pretty and it is good to gift it as well.


You can get the pendant customized according to what your loved one likes in general. She can like a pet or something related to the sea or sky. You can get that shape onto a pendant! It will not only look great but your spouse will love how much effort you have put into buying the gift for your anniversary.


If you don’t want to go for something like these then you can mix and match different types of chains. Or there are many chokers that are in style nowadays with a long chain. You can consider buying it too. It looks small but very cute gift as an anniversary gift.



sterling silver

  • Bracelet

A bracelet can be given both ways. To your wife or husband. Both of them can wear a bracelet with their kind of styles and design. You can even get a bracelet that couples can wear together. This type of sterling silver jewelry looks great!


If you are trying to gift her a bracelet, go for something that is just a stunning piece. Because bracelets play a very important role in the outfit. Therefore, you must choose wisely.


You can also make a bracelet a unique gift by purchasing a charm bracelet. You can add in your favorite charms together whenever you want. It can be on a special day or just want to keep a charm as a memory. This charm bracelet is a very thoughtful and lovely anniversary gift for your wife!


For men, you can try to find something that is minimal and simple. They can wear it everyday routine or even at work. It looks very charming especially if it is a sterling silver jewelry piece.



sterling silver


  • Watches

A watch is worn by both a man and a woman. A simple sterling silver jewelry as watch will look very elegant and decent while wearing. It will match most of the clothes and can be worn on any kind of event. Whether it is at an office or just normal day work from home. 


Some watches have diamonds on the dial and sometimes out the watch too. It looks shiny and attractive. There are different shapes as well like round, oval, square, etc. Most men prefer to wear round watches. Women like to design and style with different types of shapes. 


A bit of good advice for buying for her can buy to buy it with a thin bracelet. A watch with a thin bracelet is very trendy these days and preferred by many artists as well. It is the most perfect gift for an anniversary that can be worn anytime. 


Final Verdict

Anniversary gift is meant to be special and outstanding since it pressures on both the side what gift is perfect for them. Here in this article, we have described 4 different types of sterling silver jewelry and also how to style them We not only have mentioned gifts for her but also for him too so that it could be easier to select an option. Now you have enough ideas that you can gift a unique and personalized gift too!