Silver Necklace Tips to help your children return to school smoothly

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Bonjour, readers! This is the silver necklace last article from ‘Tips to help your children return to school smoothly’ series. In this series, we present you with tips and tricks to plan your children for the start of the new semester. If you want your children to be ready for the school, look no further for a better suggestion!


Encourage them to do some silver necklace outdoor activities

  Instead of abusing television or spending the whole afternoon glued to the tablet, we should try to preserve some time after school so that our children do physical activities: go to the park, ride a bike, skate, hang out on the swings. In this way, they can release stress and eliminate from their minds the concerns of returning to the routine.


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Take him to school yourself whenever you can

   Whenever your work schedules allow it, try to accompany your children to school. And especially that first day of school, a special day when your little ones will be nervous and appreciate your support and company. Of course, do not make the moment of separation a dramatic moment or lengthen much in time. Address the separation with joy and naturalness so that you can convey these same emotions to your children. As soon as they enter their new class, they will most likely forget about all the worry! When you pick them up at the end of your day, be on time and don’t make them wait. And, most importantly, listen carefully to everything they have to tell, there is nothing more important than the school desk that has touched them this year!


Lead by example

   A fundamental premise if you want your children to resume, and assume, their responsibilities naturally: never convey your laziness, anxiety, or anguish for having to return to your job.


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Organize fun plans during the week

   Between the infinity of vacation plans and entire evenings doing homework for the school, there is a chasm. So that the change is not so drastic, try to find a balance between fun and obligations. So that the week does not become 12-hour school days, look for ways to organize fun plans that can match school days. wholesale sterling silver We insist: you don’t have to break your head looking for the most impressive plans ever. Going down to the park with your favorite ball, turning shopping at the supermarket in a fun time or making homemade pizza dough for Thursday night can be ideal plans any day of the week.


Dress your children nice to make them more confident

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