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The alluring season of wholesale bracelet jewelry

Every season that comes and goes brings with it different styles. Be it what you wear or what you eat according to the aura around you. Spring/Summer comes with blooming colors. These seasons symbolize brighter colors; cool palettes that are seen in every nook and cranny you walk by. Be it flowers, food, street fashion, […]

Is The Sterling Silver 925 Jewelry Difficult To Clean?

Introduction: Sterling Silver 925 is a synthetic ore of 92.5% silver (Ag) and 7.5% Copper (Cu). Sterling Silver 925 jewelry is one of the most admired pieces of jewelry but many people do not opt for it as it gets tarnished or blackened after some time (if not cared for properly.) Wearing jewelry for women […]

The most valued present you can give to parents a godparent: perfect jewelry for their children PART 1


The most valued present you can give to parents a godparent: perfect jewelry for their children PART 1 There is nothing more special than the arrival of a new member of the family or your group of friends. But if, in addition, the news is accompanied by the illusion and privilege of being chosen as […]

Does Wholesale silver ring rust if used daily?

Does Wholesale silver ring rust if used daily? Are you in love with your wholesale silver ring, and you wear them every day? Wondering whether the use of silver ring can make it rust if used daily? Then have a look at whether the silver rings rust or not. Wholesale silver ring come in sterling […]


925 silver earrings

There is a forever high demand for silver from women. People tend to like gold and silver the most in jewelry items. Silver reflects the status of luxurious life and royalty. Not many people have such earning and income to buy silver. What about those people? Sterling silver 925 comes here to save the day. […]

How to take care of the wholesale silver rings?

wholesale silver rings

Have you ever seen a wholesale silver ring that keeps on shinning and remains sparkling even after years? No, that’s not possible until you take good care of your wholesale silver rings. Silver jewelry is durable, beautiful, and versatile at the same time, allowing you to wear it every day. But to keep it radiant […]

Top 10 Silver Rings Designs for Men

silver rings

Possession of high-quality jewelry has been considered a sign of power for men throughout history. Out of all jewelry pieces, silver rings and gold rings have the most significant importance for men. Rings have been used as a symbol of man’s loyalty towards his wife and family. At the same time, rings have also been […]


wholesale sterling silver

2021 is the year to own some amazing wholesale sterling silver jewelry. This is the perfect time to shop for some nice silver jewelry. Now, you must be wondering why you should do that. It’s because there are new trends and designs that you might not own yet. From those classy vintage pieces to the […]