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Top 10 Silver Rings Designs for Men

silver rings

Possession of high-quality jewelry has been considered a sign of power for men throughout history. Out of all jewelry pieces, silver rings and gold rings have the most significant importance for men. Rings have been used as a symbol of man’s loyalty towards his wife and family. At the same time, rings have also been […]


wholesale sterling silver

2021 is the year to own some amazing wholesale sterling silver jewelry. This is the perfect time to shop for some nice silver jewelry. Now, you must be wondering why you should do that. It’s because there are new trends and designs that you might not own yet. From those classy vintage pieces to the […]

Essential pieces of accessories wholesale silver jewelry that you cannot ever leave home without them

wholesale silver jewelry

To the beach, to go shopping, to go out to dinner and dance with your friends, or even if you have to put up with the pull and go to the office when everyone is on vacation, the summer has finally arrived!               With the arrival of the warmth and the eternal sunny days, the […]

Silver Necklace Tips to help your children return to school smoothly

Silver Necklace

Bonjour, readers! This is the silver necklace last article from ‘Tips to help your children return to school smoothly’ series. In this series, we present you with tips and tricks to plan your children for the start of the new semester. If you want your children to be ready for the school, look no further […]

Experience silver watch a memorable summer vacation in Europe

silver watch

Welcome to the second part of ‘Experience a memorable summer vacation in Europe’. In this series of article, we intend to let you make the most out of your summer vacation by introducing some of the best tourist destinations in Europe. Also, we will tell you how to dress for that occasion so you can […]

Get ready for autumn wholesale silver earrings weddings in the most stylish way

wholesale silver earrings

Although the most common is that the wholesale silver earrings spring and summer months are presented as the preferred option for couples when celebrating their marriage, it is increasingly common to receive wedding invitations for the autumn months. And it is no longer something unusual, and it even seems that it is fashionable to get […]

Enhance your beauty with mindfulness and silver jewelry

silver jewelry

Lately, it is easy to find articles about what seems like a proven truth for many experts: silver jewelry the obsession with being happy, in many cases, can lead us to be unhappy. And it’s true. The search for happiness understood as to how to do everything we like, that motivates us, and that makes […]

How to choose the best design for the 925 sterling silver bangles?

sterling silver bangles

Are you here trying to find a new 925 sterling silver bangles? And due to there being so many different variations and styles to go through it is getting difficult to choose. How about a guide through it? So, let us begin, shall we? No outfit is complete without a set of beautiful accessories. If […]

3 Amazing Reasons to Buy Large Hoop Style Marcasite Earrings

Marcasite stud earrings

Marcasite stud earrings are one of the best forms of earrings to wear with your outfits. They come in many different styles, like studs, teardrops, and hoops that you can pair up with your outfits accordingly.  If you absolutely love wearing earrings on a daily basis, then we recommend you buying large hoop marcasite earrings […]