925 silver earrings

There is a forever high demand for silver from women. People tend to like gold and silver the most in jewelry items. Silver reflects the status of luxurious life and royalty. Not many people have such earning and income to buy silver. What about those people? Sterling silver 925 comes here to save the day. Sterling silver is, however, not the pure form of silver. It contains different alloys in smaller proportions. If not sterling silver, then people go for silver-plated jewelry.

That comes in quite a low budget to buy even the 925 silver earrings.   


That takes it to low pricing. There is also jewelry available with gemstones and a lesser amount of silver. It gives it an elegant and colorful look along with silver. The silver in it is less than the jewelry completely made up of silver. Secondly, you can purchase single and separate items too. You do not necessarily have to buy the whole set of silver ornaments. You can buy a bracelet, or pendant, or even 925 silver earrings.


925 silver earrings

What to know about the pure 925 silver earrings? 

There is a reason why people consider silver as a souvenir. People call it a noble metal because it tends to avoid corrosion or oxidation, unlike many other metals. Pure silver, no doubt, looks stunning, soft, and shiny element. But the drawback is that it is quite soft and delicate. It is the reason why most of the jewelry is made up of sterling silver 925.

Sterling silver 925 contains at least a purity of 92.5%. The other impurity of 7.5% contains the copper metal. Copper is specifically to make it stronger and more durable. Secondly, pure silver is quite hard to mold in your desired shape, especially the wholesale earrings. They come in a wide range of different styles and designs. Therefore, silver 925 earrings strongly support sterling silver.


How to differentiate between real or fake 925 silver earring:

In the looks, there is no difference between real silver- or silver-plated silver. But to enthusiasts or to those who wear it daily can easily identify the difference. Getting a silver ornament might be an expenditure of long-time savings. Do not let it go in vain. We should know the difference between real and fake silver. There are some at-home tests to figure out whether you have got or wearing a real one or not.


925 silver craving:

Most of the jewelry makers want to leave a mark on their jewelry for authentication. It is no surprise to you if you have not noticed it till today. They crave it at such a place not visible to the viewer. It would affect the look of it. They write it in a very small font at tactful points of your jewelry. If you find it, you have confirmed that your silver is real. If not, then do not worry. It is not the only way of checking. Continue reading.


925 silver earrings


It is a critical one here. To be real, your silver must tarnish. But polishing can be done, so no big stress here. If it tarnishes, you should be relieved. If not, then anything fake will mislay its silver-plated color, and some other metal will make it green. Even polishing cannot turn your silver 925 earrings back to the original color you had bought. So, tarnishing can also be good in some ways.


Odorless quality:

For that, you should be having a good sense of smell. The real 925 silver should have no smell. If your silver 925 earrings smell, they are not real silver. In that case, you may get a smell of sulfur or some other metallic odor smell. It is a good and easy way of testing on point. Silver plating can make it look as much as real silver, but it cannot make the inner metal odorless.


925 silver earrings

Try out icing:

Getting ice cubes is no big deal. We all may have it in our houses’ refrigerators. Take out an ice cube and put it on your silver 925 earring jewelry. Let’s allow some physical properties to enter. It is a verified fact that silver possesses a great thermal conductivity than other metals. Even if you put your jewelry at room temperature, it will get the ice to melt faster. wholesale sterling silver It will be an easy method to try out for the purity test of your jewelry.


Magnetic testing:

You have purchased a pair of 925 silver earrings, and you want a quick and authentic test before you run out of your warranty. The magnetic test can give you a clearer picture. Take a magnet and get it closer to your 925 silver earrings. If it attracts, it is bad news for you. You must pray that it does not attract. This method will give you the most convincing testing.


Acid test:

You can try it, whether at your home or the jewelry shop. Get a proper solution of some acid and add some drops to your 925 silver earrings. Acid should not change its color on silver. Now you know what is beneficial for you. If it changes color, take it back to the shop till you have time and your warranty card.  



These are some suggestions for you to verify if your 925 silver earrings are real or fake. You can also try on the flake test to scratch your silver with your finger or some other tool. Your silver plating will not withstand it and will be scratched. But it is not a piece of advice. Because even if your silver is real, it will leave a scratch mark on it, which is also not good for your jewelry.

These are some easy testing methods that you can apply to your jewelry. They come in handy, especially when you go shopping the silver ornaments. You can take a magnet along or some acid solution. These tests are provided in shops too. If not, you must not put your investment at stake.